Orange & Carrot Juice Pancakes

The last few days I’ve been involved with other things and haven’t put much thought into blogging, but I will mention the orange and carrot pancakes we had recently.

One morning I made whole wheat pancakes using the freshly squeezed juice of a large Cara Cara orange for most of the liquid requirements of the batter and carrot juice for the remainder. Orange zest added to the orange flavor. As a food blogger practically everything that occurs in the kitchen gets photographed, but for some reason this event went completely undocumented.

Another day I made pancakes again with similar ingredients, this time with mostly whole wheat and partly whole millet flour. The liquid ingredients were carrot juice and an egg. The only orange flavor was from a bit of orange zest. I did snap a few photos and took mental note of the ingredient amounts but failed to write them down.

The mostly orange flavored pancakes in the first event were fabulous. The mostly carrot flavored pancakes were good too but a little too much baking soda rendered them slightly bitter. Most assuredly, orange pancakes will be happening again in this kitchen.






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