Avocado (Guacamole) Salad

Avocados have been exceptionally good this season, unlike some years when most of them turn rotten before they get a chance to ripen. If they are refrigerated at the first sign of ripeness they can keep well for over a week.

Avocados are dense with fiber and nutrition. For me, just one makes an entire meal in itself but especially if accompanied with bread or other ingredients. Here is one way to make a meal of avocado:

To roughly chopped avocados (1 per person) I added:

  • corn
  • minced green chili
  • cucumber
  • sweet red pepper
  • jalapeño (deseeded)
  • shallot
  • garlic chives
  • onion chives

avocado salad


I also added parsley and tomatoes.

avocado salad


There may appear to be a glaringly missing essential ingredient, cilantro. However, I did add cilantro in a different form. You see, some of the plants in the garden are bolting so, as an experiment, I juiced them with a little apple cider vinegar to freeze for future use.




A little cilantro vinegar, kosher salt and black pepper completed the guacamole.

avocado salad


While the guacamole salad was being prepared whole wheat tortilla bowls were baking in the oven. After softening the tortillas for 20 seconds in the microwave I draped them over inverted tart molds which had been lubricated with cooking spray. These were baked at 350ºF, closely watched. When stiff enough to hold their shape the tortilla bowls were removed from the molds and baked a few more minutes directly on the oven rack with the oven switched off.

avocado salad


This was a filling midday meal that sustained us for the rest of the day.

avocado salad

avocado salad


20 thoughts on “Avocado (Guacamole) Salad

      1. That’s what we get here – the tiny Hass, but they are so creamy and delicious. My tree in Florida produces much larger fruits, but the experience is completely different. Kind of like the difference between butter and say, medium tofu. Both are good; just different.

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      2. My Florida avocado tree was planted ca. 1951. Can you imagine how tall it is? My son lives there now, and he uses a cherry picker to retrieve the fruits before the squirrels take a bite. He doesn’t even like avocados (can he REALLY be related to me??), so needs to find homes for all of the fruits.

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