Black Beans, Brown Rice & Roasted Corn

There is nothing fancy or new about the combination of beans, rice and corn. Such fare is more likely to be found at a roadside or street corner eatery than in a fine dining restaurant. It’s just plain old good food — peasant food, if you will; the kind most often prepared in my kitchen and served at my table.

This time it began with onions, garlic, Serrano chiles, sweet red pepper, whole cumin seeds and salt being sautéed with olive oil.

black beans, corn & rice



Roasted corn was added…

black beans, corn & rice

black beans, corn & rice (3).jpg


…then the black beans.

black beans, corn & rice

black beans, corn & rice (5).jpg


Precooked brown rice almost completed this colorful but simple dish.

black beans, corn & rice (6).jpg

black beans, corn & rice


I chose to serve the black beans, rice and corn in baked whole wheat tortilla bowls.

black beans, corn & rice


This kind of food screams for some kind of salsa or hot sauce, not that it doesn’t taste good on its own. They just belong together.

It’s been well over a quarter century since I have eaten at a Taco Bell or similar establishment. In fact, I can’t even remember the last time. One thing I do remember is the little packets of hot sauce. I loved that hot sauce! So the other day when I spotted a bottle of Taco Bell hot sauce at the supermarket I had to have it. I poured some on top of the black beans, corn and rice.

I also made a cilantro/basil sauce by blending a handful of cilantro and a few basil leaves  with apple cider vinegar and then straining it.


I then blended the strained liquid with some raw peanuts which had been soaking in hot water.


A little salt and agave nectar balanced out the acidity of the vinegar.

cilantro/basil/peanut sauce


The black beans, brown rice and roasted corn topped with Taco Bell hot sauce and cilantro/basil/peanut sauce a pleasant peasant meal did make.

black beans, corn & rice




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