The Yearly Ramps Run

Today we made our annual day trip to the mountains to procure this year’s supply of ramps (ramson). When we travel we like to get an early start, often before daybreak, and travel a ways before stopping to get some breakfast. This is especially advantageous when it’s necessary to pass through a congested urban area as we had to this morning.

We like the atmosphere of a small town cafe. Observing the town’s people as they mosey in first thing in the morning really gives you a feel for the place.



Besides visiting a couple of produce stands at which we purchased ramps, a gallon of strawberries, a Honeymoon melon and some country raised eggs in recycled cartons, we perused a few antique shops.








Before heading back home we enjoyed Greek salads and some garlic knots, most of which we took home with us. The garlic knots imbued the car with the aroma of a pizzeria which lingered all the way home, even overpowering the smell of the ramps.

garlic knots


It’s still early in the season so the ramps are a bit small, but they seem fresher than they were last year. When we got back home, about twelve hours after leaving this morning, I put them in a bucket with a little water to keep them fresh until I get a chance to clean them up.

As long as they remain fresh ramps will be gracing our meals. The rest will be preserved by freezing and drying.



9 thoughts on “The Yearly Ramps Run

    1. I have lived here 32 years and never heard of ramps until about 10 years ago when a coworker from West Virginia introduced me to them. He foraged ramps every spring back in his home state and for several years he shared some with me. After he went to work for a different company and I retired I had to find another source. It’s kind of an obsession I enjoy every spring.


    1. They are kind of garlicky/oniony. They are infamous for their strong flavor and smell but I find them to be quite mild. Maybe so on the breath but they don’t stink up the house or the car like some people claim.


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