Pan Roasted Radishes & Radish Greens

It was leftovers day and we were reheating a pasta dish Faye made on the weekend. To accompany it I pulled up some radishes in the garden, chopped and roasted them, and cooked up the greens. Nothing fancy, just plain simple peasant food.

The pinkish purple ones are actually young turnips, closely related to radishes. This is the first year I’ve grown black radishes. They are particularly tasty when roasted.



These were roasted in a pan with olive oil and kosher salt. I meant to roast these with a few ramps. Maybe I’ll remember next time.




I preferred the radishes we had the other day, that were roasted in butter. Of course.



One hears of mustard greens and turnip greens but not usually radish greens. They are really very much the same thing.




Yeah, I know… paper plates. I prioritized working in the garden over doing dishes.



5 thoughts on “Pan Roasted Radishes & Radish Greens

    1. Black radishes were new to me too. I think they originated in Japan. Young radish leaves are good raw in salads too if the hairs on the leaves don’t bother you. One of my favorite parts of a radish plant are the young juicy seed pods that form after the plant flowers.

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