Patties From Leftovers

There were some unused elements leftover from making the stuffed peppers (mentioned in my last post). I used them today along with a few additional ingredients to make patties. There was cooked rice and some of the seitan filling that wouldn’t fit into the peppers. To that I added freshly shredded carrot. For no particular reason … More Patties From Leftovers

Seitan Stuffed Peppers With Pumpkin Seed/Cilantro Sauce

While watering the garden I was musing over the onion plants beginning to flower. I was noting the swollen hollow flower stalks and contemplating ways they could be put to use. Since I was planning to make a batch of seitan I thought, Why not use the hollow onion flower stalks to make little seitan … More Seitan Stuffed Peppers With Pumpkin Seed/Cilantro Sauce

Serrano Chile Bread

Be advised not to mistake this post as instructional. It is merely an account of my small adventure. I am a novice at baking bread, and although most of my attempts have been acceptably successful I still find the process a bit intimidating. I guess that’s why I don’t bake bread very often, and why … More Serrano Chile Bread