Dilly Rice, Swiss Chard & Arugula Salad

I’ve been pondering lately whether I wish to continue dedicating so much time to blogging. Whenever I hit the publish button lately I determine that it is for the last time. I am content with the decision, there is even a sense of relief. After all it’s just food… and there isn’t really anything new under the sun. It has all been done before somewhere by someone, usually by a whole slew of someones. Sure, it is fun to toss my occasional brilliant twist into the haystack of a million other brilliant twists, and it is rewarding when it makes someone’s day to stumble upon it.

Most meals, though, are quite ordinary, yet sometimes while preparing a dish I find myself snapping photos… just in case. The fact is, I enjoy blogging. I enjoy the entire process. At the same time, I could be doing other things. I could be sitting down to eat as soon as the food is ready instead of preheating the plates by pouring boiling water over them in an effort to keep the plated food hot until the photoshoot is over. I could be pursuing the myriad of my other interests instead of staring at the keyboard hoping for the first line to jump out at me to get at least a trickle of words flowing.

So, I enjoy a few days of preparing and eating excellent but ordinary food and not posting about it on the blog. I revel in time that has been freed up for other activities. I get to catch up on reading, taking in information instead of trying to put information out there. Hundreds and hundreds of no longer needed food photos disappear from my computer in one fell swoop (actually a series of swoops). I take the time to re-glue my laptop which was literally coming apart at the seams.

Then, while preparing another ordinary but excellent meal I catch myself snapping photos out of habit. Since photo documentation exists and the food really was quite good, perhaps it would be worth mentioning on the blog. Besides, no one knows I had called it quits…

I was able to harvest enough young Swiss chard and arugula for a meal before the insects chewed them up too badly. I also brought in a few sprigs of dill weed. The Swiss chard boiled up tender and tasty without any seasoning other than salt. The torn arugula with tomatoes and avocado needed no other dressing than a quick spray of white wine vinegar (yes, I keep a spray bottle of vinegar handy).

The dilly rice began by roasting pine nuts in a dry pan.

Swiss chard, dilled rice & arugula avocado salad


The roasted pine nuts were removed from the pan and set aside, after which onion was sautéed with a little olive oil.

Swiss chard, dilled rice & arugula avocado salad


Rice which had been cooked with the zest and juice of a lemon was added to the sautéed onion.

Swiss chard, dilled rice & arugula avocado salad


Golden raisins and the roasted pine nuts were mixed in followed by dill fern plucked from the stems.

Swiss chard, dilled rice & arugula avocado salad

Swiss chard, dilled rice & arugula avocado salad

Swiss chard, dilled rice & arugula avocado salad


If I had thought of it earlier I would have added Aleppo pepper earlier. Better late than never.

Swiss chard, dilled rice & arugula avocado salad (6).jpg


Simple but tasty…

Swiss chard, dilled rice & arugula avocado salad

Swiss chard, dilled rice & arugula avocado salad

Swiss chard, dilled rice & arugula avocado salad


17 thoughts on “Dilly Rice, Swiss Chard & Arugula Salad

  1. There was a time when roasted pine nuts were always available, but the lazy cook here has discontinued way too many goodies. Time to be inspired by your innovative ways!

    Virtual hugs,


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  2. I just saw a bag of pine nuts at Costco today and it had maybe 3- 4 cups in it? Not sure, it was definitely not very big and it cost between $28-30……..I have never had trouble with bugs in my Swiss chard….I wonder what bugs you have that eat it?

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    1. Pine nuts really are expensive. I don’t use them often.

      We have so many different garden pests I don’t even know what they are all called. The ones eating the Swiss chard are either grasshoppers, slugs or stink bugs, or possibly all three. It’s especially bad this year because I haven’t been able to be out there to deal with them.

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    1. Indeed. Blogging gets in one’s blood. I enjoy your blog for the colorful portrayal of Australian culture and humor, and the beautiful landscapes and places I will probably never experience in real life. I have bookmarked on my computer a glossary of Aussie slang and terminology. Love it!

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