Cilantro Coconut Sauce/Dressing

There are people who have an aversion to the flavor cilantro, and some even despise its aroma. It is interesting to me that whether one likes or dislikes cilantro is pretty much out of their control. Those who perceive it to have a disagreeable soapy flavor have an olfactory-receptor gene which is highly sensitive to aldehyde chemicals (also present in soap). These individuals are also unable to detect the aromatic chemicals in cilantro which others find pleasant. Similarly, some perceive the flavor of cilantro to be bitter due to a sensitive bitter-taste receptor gene.*

I like the flavor of cilantro a lot, enough to feature it in a sauce. It’s a simple sauce with just a few ingredients:

  • cilantro (handful, leaves and stems)
  • jalapeño pepper (seeds removed)
  • coconut milk (canned)
  • creamed coconut (solid)
  • lime juice (a little)
  • kosher salt (pinch)
  • xanthan gum (pinch)

cilantro coconut sauce/dressing


In a Magic Bullet® blender I ground together the cilantro, jalapeño, coconut milk, kosher salt and lime juice. To thicken the sauce I blended in solid form creamed coconut and a pinch of Xanthan gum.

cilantro coconut sauce/dressing


I used this sauce as a dip for chips last night and as a sauce for scrambled eggs enchiladas/burritos this morning.

cilantro coconut sauce/dressing

cilantro coconut sauce/dressing


I used the sauce again as a dressing for falafel for our midday meal.

cilantro coconut sauce/dressing

cilantro coconut sauce/dressing


*Disclaimer: This “information” was gleaned from a cursory glimpse of a wikipedia article. Do your own research for actual facts.


7 thoughts on “Cilantro Coconut Sauce/Dressing

  1. I love cilantro and find it incredibly interesting about the cause for liking/disliking cilantro. In college, my food science professor had the class place a piece of paper on our tongue. Those who tasted an unpleasant flavor, hated broccoli. Those who tasted nothing, liked broccoli.

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      1. I understand that your taste changes over time, even from day to day. I suppose you become more keen to certain flavors in a food that you like or maybe develop a sort-of flavor fatigue. Thats just my theory. I do know that we lose taste sensitivity as we age. I was labeled a super-taster in college, but I’m 39 now and I’m pretty sure I’m not a super-taster anymore.

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