Basil Cream Sauce

The basil was beginning to flower, and it was time to top the plants to prolong the growing season. With plenty of pesto in the freezer the clippings might as well be used somehow in the next meal. Purslane weeds in the garden were also maturing and needed to either be eaten or pulled up … More Basil Cream Sauce

Vegetable Bowls

By now y’all know how much I like my baked tortilla bowls. Salads, beans, falafel, just about anything, even stir-fried vegetables seem just a little more special served in them.   I did a vegetable bowl similar to this one a little while back, but something this good is worth repeating. I briefly considered a … More Vegetable Bowls

Chilaca Pepper Sauce

This year I grew Chilaca/Pasilla chile peppers for the first time. The Chilaca is a long slim dark green pepper that turns dark brown when ripe. The dried Chilaca is known as Pasilla Bajio (little raisin), or simply Pasilla. The much wider, thicker walled Poblano chile is sometimes incorrectly labeled as Pasilla. The Poblano pepper … More Chilaca Pepper Sauce