Enchilada Sauce

Our tomatoes haven’t done well for the last several years. This year was no better. Every few days I bring in a few small tomatoes, mostly from wild plants which came up voluntarily. It takes a week’s accumulation to make a small batch of tomato sauce sufficient for one dish or perhaps two. Roasted tomatoes … More Enchilada Sauce

Barley & Corn Salad

This salad started out with cooked pearled barley, roasted corn, sautéed Padron peppers, cucumber, celery leaves and stems and green onions.   For more flavor I added chopped feta cheese. Even this late in the season asparagus will occasionally send up a lone spear. I threw that in too.       The salad desperately needed a dressing. … More Barley & Corn Salad


This week I started a new batch of cabbage fermenting, made roasted tomato sauce and cooked up some pinto beans without any particular dish or meal in mind for any of these projects. I used bits and pieces of all three in today’s tostadas. A few days ago I started a new batch of red … More Tostadas

Red Rice, Black Walnuts & Blue Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms

Like brown rice, red rice is a whole grain with bran and germ intact. Both brown and red rice are nutritionally superior to regular (polished) white rice. Because they are whole grains they are heartier with a chewier texture. One thing red rice has that brown rice doesn’t is anthocyanins which give it its red … More Red Rice, Black Walnuts & Blue Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms