Herbed Cheese Balls In Olive Oil

This is simply yogurt from which the whey has been drained and to which salt and herbs have been added. The resulting “cheese” has been rolled into balls and stored in olive oil. Homesteading Family was the inspiration for these yogurt cheese balls.

I started with whole milk Greek yogurt hung in a clean and sterilized cotton cloth for a couple of hours. The remainder of the draining process over the next few days took place in a colander in the refrigerator.


When the yogurt seemed dry enough I mixed in kosher salt and a few dried herbs. The herbs I remember using were: chives, spinach powder, crushed celery seeds, parsley, basil, tarragon(?) and Aleppo pepper.

cheese balls

cheese balls



After mixing in the salt and herbs I could see that the cheese was still exuding whey, so back it went into the colander in the refrigerator for another day.

cheese balls


When the cheese was finally dry enough I formed little balls and placed them in jars of olive oil. One jar had herb infused olive oil and the other had oil from a jar of sun dried tomatoes. The jars of cheese balls are stored in the refrigerator and brought to room temperature shortly before use to liquify the oil.

cheese balls

cheese balls


The herby flavor is a bit strong when the cheese is eaten by itself but tastes great on crackers…

cheese balls

…and even better topped with whole Padron peppers fried in olive oil and kosher salt.

cheese balls

cheese balls

cheese balls



7 thoughts on “Herbed Cheese Balls In Olive Oil

  1. When you tire of the cheese balls, try some spiced up hummus (with peppers) on the Triscuits. The last batch of hummus I made, I used some sour cream to lighten it a bit, and then loaded it up with various Penzey’s spices and herbs. There are still some roasted peppers left, so they went on top of the hummus.

    Virtual hugs,


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