Garlic Chives & Unrelated Stuff


I haven’t been posting as much lately. Could have written about falafel made with sprouted green peas…


…or fennel, carrots, Padron peppers and corn roasted on the charcoal grill.


I could have mentioned frittatas baked in mushroom caps…

brakfast mushroom caps

Or stir fried vegetables served in tortillas with home fermented hot sauces.

vegetable stir-fry

vegetable stir-fry

vegetable stir-fry


I could have even done a leftovers post about sauerkraut with (veggie) sausage, and rice with spinach, cauliflower and roasted corn.



Instead I’ll post about some miscellaneous outdoor stuff on a boring indoor kind of day.

Wild garlic chives are threatening to take over the garden… again. Garlic chives were out of control weeds for quite a few years, but I finally eradicated most of them except for one patch in a bed that didn’t get planted this year. I should have removed the flowering tops last week to prevent them from reseeding.

Now, with gusting bands of wind and rain swirling about from what used to be a hurricane, I am imagining thousands of chive seeds being broadcast by the wind over the entire garden, thereby starting the nightmare all over again. So, I go out during a lull in the rain to gather the flower and seed heads and discard them in the woods away from the garden. The seeds are still green so hopefully they are not yet viable.

garlic chives


I had to watch out for the numerous wasps snuggled in the flower heads.

garlic chives

garlic chives

garlic chives


Speaking of wasps…

I’ve been stung several times in just the last few weeks. I was picking Tabasco peppers and felt a sting on my hand. I didn’t think much of it since I work around wasps all the time. I don’t bother them and they don’t bother me. I resumed picking peppers and got stung a couple more times. A closer look from a different angle revealed a wasp’s nest in the Tabasco plant.



Speaking of Tabasco peppers…

I’ve been harvesting a few each day as they ripen and putting them in a jar of white wine vinegar with a little salt and sugar. It’s a wonderful way to flavor vinegar. Every time I add more peppers I can’t resist tasting a few drops. Time for a bigger jar.

tabasco peppers

tabasco peppers


Speaking of bigger jars…

I finally acquired some 2 quart jars. You see, I intended to roast some peanuts salted and seasoned in the shell. When prepared commercially the unshelled raw peanuts are soaked in a saline solution in vacuum sealed vats. It is the vacuum process that encourages the flavors to penetrate the shells and season the nuts. Larger jars were needed for the amount of peanuts I was going to process.

2 quart canning jars


I used black salt and cumin for my seasoning solution and a Food Saver vacuum sealer to  soak the raw peanuts over night.






The soaked peanuts were drained and roasted slowly in the oven.





Speaking of peanuts…

I’m growing peanuts this year. Just a few. It happened quite by accident. A raw peanut in the shell somehow fell into the soil and, to my surprise, it sprouted. I went ahead and planted a few more peanuts. I will likely plant a lot more next year since they are practically untouched by garden pests.




Speaking of garden pests…

This celery plant didn’t have a chance. Ain’t they perty though?



Speaking of…

Never mind…

I told you it was a boring day.



5 thoughts on “Garlic Chives & Unrelated Stuff

  1. Wow, you’ve been busy! The foods all look great; what’s the red sauce over top of the frittata baked in the mushroom? I learned a few new things by reading your post: garlic chives can spread (mine in MI never did); that they make amber jars to prevent the UV rays; AND (I really feel stupid about this one:) why Tabasco sauce is called that. Guess that I always just thought it was like a brand name!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The red sauce was just tomatoes roasted in the oven with a spritz of olive oil and a sprinkling of kosher salt and Turbinado sugar, then blended to a purée with the skins on.

      I was expecting to find the blue 2 quart jars as advertised at Tactor Supply. I like the amber ones better.

      I too just learned that Tabasco is a state in southeastern Mexico. I assume the peppers originated from there.

      Liked by 1 person

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