Apple Limburger Pizza Tart

I had never experienced Limburger cheese. I only knew that it was characterized as a stinky cheese. I sometimes have a weak stomach when it comes to disagreeable smells and I wasn’t sure how I would handle it, but I purchased it anyway.

apple pizza tart


Without even knowing how Limburger cheese tastes I wondered what it would be like in an apple tart.

I peeled and cut up two smallish Granny Smith apples and threw them into a small pot with a teaspoon of unrefined coconut oil and some powdered cinnamon.

apple pizza tart


I added about a tablespoon of agave nectar, however much was left in the very bottom of the container.

When the apples were cooked but not falling apart I removed them from the heat.

apple pizza tart


I poured off the little bit of liquid into a container and let both the liquid and the apples cool down.

Many years ago my mom had given me a bag of something called “Instant ClearJel.” It is a modified cornstarch that instantly thickens cold liquids. For all this time it had sat in the back of the cupboard without ever being used.

I added a little of the powder to the cooled liquid from the apples. After much mixing I couldn’t get rid of all the little lumps, so I ran it through a sieve then mixed it back in with the apples.

apple pizza tart


I could have used puff pastry for the crust but opted instead for a store-bought pizza crust.

apple pizza tart

apple pizza tart


The tart baked in the oven with a little Turbinado sugar sprinkled on top.

apple pizza tart

apple pizza tart


We enjoyed the pizza tart very much however the crust was a bit tough.

apple pizza tart


There was just a small amount of Limburger in the tart so it wasn’t enough to fairly evaluate whether or not I like the cheese. For supper I made oven toasted Limburger and onion on seeded rye.

I can now say that Limburger cheese doesn’t smell so bad and its flavor is mild and delicious.

apple pizza tart


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