Curly Dock Breakfast Burrito

Curly Dock / Yellow Dock / Rumex Crispus is a noxious weed, considered a nuisance in lawns and fields. It is, however, edible and also has medicinal uses. Dock, a type of sorrel, is found all across the globe. I remember seeing it in the mountains of north India. We didn’t eat it back then but it was useful. There seemed to always be dock growing in the vicinity of stinging nettle, which was convenient because crushed dock leaves rubbed on nettle stings quickly alleviated the pain. It works for insect stings and bites as well.

It should be noted that because of the high oxalic acid content curly dock should be eaten in moderation, especially by those prone to the formation of kidney stones. Curly dock is high in vitamins A and C as well as iron and potassium.

curly dock

curly dock


Curly dock is flourishing in the yard right now after the rains from tropical depression Florence and the rain in front of tropical storm Michael. I went out last evening and picked some for this morning’s breakfast. It was raining lightly, but better to do it then than in the morning in the dark when it would likely be pouring down rain.


curly dock


Curly dock cooks up very quickly with just the moisture on the leaves from washing.


curly dock


The color of the greens changes dramatically when heated. Because dock is a type of sorrel it is quite sour. I added turbinado sugar to counter the tartness and some kosher salt.

curly dock

curly dock


The cooked dock was added to eggs as they were being scrambled.

curly dock


The scrambled eggs along with pickled jalapeños were rolled up in a tortilla and wrapped in foil to keep the food warm while eating.

curly dock


This and any kind of burrito is especially good with Taco Bell style hot sauce.

curly dock


One thought on “Curly Dock Breakfast Burrito

  1. That looks pretty good. And I’m pretty sure I’ve got some of it growing in my yard right now. I know I’ve had a lot of dandelions this year. I’m going to have to try to pick a bunch of these and see if I can cook with them. 🙂

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