Avocado Toast

I am a fermented foods aficionado. At any given time there is likely to be some kind of vegetable or fruit being fermented. Fermented foods can always be found in my refrigerator, everything from yogurt, to sauerkraut, to cucumbers, hot sauces, tomatoes, Brussels sprouts, garlic and onions.

feta spread

brussels sprouts

fermented cucumber pickles.jpg


I am a fan of fermented foods partly for *possible health benefits,* but also as a means of food preservation. Fermented foods can keep in the refrigerator for an incredibly long time. I’ve had months old sauerkraut just as crisp and delicious as when it was made, and I’m still enjoying hot sauces fermented several years ago.

*The benefit of fermented foods on gut health has been questioned by some who assert that probiotic bacteria can’t possibly survive digestive acids in the stomach to arrive in the intestines in beneficial quantities.*

A good price on avocados resulted in a lot of ripe avocados taking up space in the refrigerator. I decided to freeze most of them. They were chopped, spritzed with white wine vinegar and frozen in vacuum sealed freezer bags.

avocado toast


To the avocado which was set aside to make avocado toast I added fermented red onion, fermented garlic, fermented jalapeño hot sauce, chopped capers, cilantro and roasted Anaheim pepper.

avocado toast

avocado toast


The avocado mixture spread on whole grain toast and topped with halved fermented tomatoes made a healthy snack.

avocado toast


Fermentation projects currently underway are thickly sliced jalapeños from the garden and whole cranberries.






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