Sweet Potato, Ginger & Marmalade

There had been an almost empty jar of orange marmalade being kicked around in the refrigerator since what seemed like forever. It was time for it to vacate the premises. I had recently dug up a couple of sweet potato vines and some ginger rhizome. The three ingredients seemed like they belonged together.


sweet potatoes

ginger (1).jpg


I tossed together:

  • chunks of sweet potatoes
  • cubes of ginger
  • a couple large cloves of garlic
  • thickly sliced jalapeños
  • orange marmalade
  • kosher salt
  • Alepo pepper

sweet potatoes

sweet potatoes


The marinated vegetables were baked a 425ºF until tender and starting to brown.

sweet potatoes

sweet potatoes


Ginger rhizome sold in the market can be very tough, fibrous and strongly flavored. I took a chance that, fresh out of the ground, it would be milder and much less fibrous. The pieces of ginger turned out to be tender and the flavor was not overwhelming at all.

sweet potatoes


Oh… the leaves of the sweet potato vines were also included on the plate. The youngest tenderest leaves were cooked with Malabar spinach leaves and stuffed with a bit of blue cheese in puff pastry turnovers.

sweet potatoes

Malabar spinach

sweet potatoes

sweet potatoes


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