Meal For One

After 43 years of marriage and not even a week after my 66th birthday my wife left me…



This is not the first time. It happens every year about this time. Faye goes to Arizona for the annual get-together with her Canadian sisters. Meanwhile, until she returns, I am left on my own to prepare meals for one.

Cumin seeds, onion, garlic, fresh ginger, fresh turmeric, red and green sweet peppers and kosher salt sautéed with avocado oil.

meal for one



meal for one


meal for one



meal for one


Cumin, chili powder, black pepper, kosher salt.

meal for one

meal for one



meal for one


Red and green fermented hot sauce, paper plate.

meal for one


10 thoughts on “Meal For One

    1. Hahaha! Hardly! When we married we lived in the wilderness and I had lots of experience cooking over the fire, so I did most of the cooking. The trend continued all these years and we both share the cooking.


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