Mixed Herb Sauce

Recent rains have the herbs in the garden looking pretty good right now. Some of them will die back when the really cold weather gets here but others, like parsley, flourish in winter. While there are still so many choices I decided to put together an herb sauce.

I picked a bunch of parsley, some mint, several blades of garlic chives, oregano, French tarragon, a sprig of sage, a few lemon balm leaves and several strands of onion chives. An early frost killed off the basil but one measly little plant managed to stow away in the same pot as a lemon tree which I brought in for the winter. So even a few basil leaves were included in this sauce.




The herbs were ground together along with fermented garlic, a few Serrano chiles, a grind or two of sea salt, homegrown dried cayenne pepper flakes, olive oil, lime juice and white wine vinegar.

This little food processor is a worthless piece of equipment. It could run for hours and never grind anything finer than a rough chop. I have been tempted to take it outside and use it for target practice. The downside to that would be having to pick up all the little pieces. I guess it worked out alright for this project because all I wanted was a rough chop anyway.





The mixed herb sauce went well with falafel.



I opted not to use rosemary or thyme in this sauce but considered digging up some fresh ginger and/or turmeric rhizome. Ginger especially might have been good. I even thought about digging up horse radish root to use in the sauce.



The cranberries in the salad were fermented in salt brine for 21 days. The salt knocked a lot of the sourness out of the berries. They should make an interesting (savory) sauce.

A couple other fermentation projects started about the same time were unexpected failures.




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