Ferment Pickled Brussels Sprouts

Brussels sprouts are another of those vegetables I don’t particularly like and even detest  unless they are properly prepared in specific ways. I like them roasted and I like them pickled. I also don’t mind them raw in a slaw as long as they are finely shaved. This morning I started a small batch of Brussels sprouts fermenting.

After trimming the stems and peeling off a few layers of leaves I cut halfway through each sprout on the side with the outermost leaf.

brussels sprouts


In the bottom of a wide mouth mason jar I put some already fermented garlic cloves and the brine in which they had been fermented. The brine is loaded with lactobacillus bacteria so adding it to a new ferment gives it a good boost. (Fermentation would still occur without the old brine but it would take a little longer). I also tossed in a few pieces of turmeric and ginger root and a dried Kashmiri chili pepper.

brussels sprouts


I then filled the jar up to the neck with the trimmed, peeled and slit Brussels sprouts.

brussels sprouts


I used a 3% saline solution for the brine. To 100 milliliters of purified water I added 30 grams of sea salt. It ended up being a lot more liquid than was needed to fill the jar.

brussels sprouts


With a glass fermentation weight in place on top of the sprouts I poured in the brine. To ensure that the liquid filled every crevice I put a regular two piece lid on the jar and, being careful not to knock the weight around too much, turned the jar upside-down and every which way, adding more brine as needed to cover all the sprouts and the weight.

Finally, I switched the regular lid for an airlock lid, labeled the jar with today’s date and wrapped it loosely in a kitchen towel to shield it from the light.

brussels sprouts

brussels sprouts


There were plenty of Brussels sprouts left, so for our midday meal we had char-roasted vegetables prepared with avocado oil.

brussels sprouts


11 thoughts on “Ferment Pickled Brussels Sprouts

    1. Even though I’m not fond of them I purchased a jar of pickled Brussels sprouts from a roadside produce stand. I was a bit surprised that I actually liked them. They were, of course, pickled with vinegar and not fermented.


    1. The sprouts turned out very well. I have fermented Brussels sprouts a few times with and without turmeric and had good results. There are a few left in the refrigerator and I need to use them up. Thanks for the reminder!


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