Quinoa Salad

We frequently lose our internet connection (DSL) but usually just for 20 or 30 minutes. We’ve been without internet since this morning and have been told the area-wide outage may not be fixed until late Friday. I’ve discovered I can use internet on my computer through my cellphone. Yipee! I’m going to rush through this post in case there are exorbitant charges.

This is one of the best quinoa salads I have made or tasted. It features cranberries fermented in salt brine. The ingredients were:

  • puréed mint leaves, Serrano chile, jalapeño, kosher salt and white balsamic vinegar
  • quinoa cooked with the above mint purée in the cooking water
  • fermented cranberries
  • celery
  • jalapeño
  • lemon balm chiffonade
  • fermented garlic
  • parsley
  • green onions
  • chopped Medjool dates dusted with tapioca starch
  • pistachios
  • lemon balm leaves for garnish

quinoa salad

quinoa salad

quinoa salad

quinoa salad

quinoa salad


The raw fermented cranberries are tart and salty, and the dates were the perfect compliment.

quinoa salad

quinoa salad


8 thoughts on “Quinoa Salad

  1. I made the same “discovery” about using the internet on the computer from the phone as a hotspot during a long road trip back from Colorado this summer. I had to laugh when I read your first paragraph, because “Yippee!!!” was exactly how I reacted.

    I’m curious about the cranberries. Did you ferment them yourself? I’ve never heard of this ingredient. The salad sounds wonderful, and that bright green puree would be good on just about anything.

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    1. The “Personal Hotspot” is a great thing to know! Without internet I had to involve myself in actual productive activity, and that’s a scary thought. Fortunately the outage was fixed a day earlier than predicted.

      I fermented the cranberries in salt brine as one would making sauerkraut. The saltiness takes a bit of the edge off the sourness. I’m using the ingredient raw in various ways to get the probiotic benefits of fermentation.

      I took a chance using mint knowing Faye usually doesn’t like it, but in this dish the flavor was pretty subtle.

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