Elephant Garlic Soup

Elephant garlic looks like garlic (in giant form), tastes like garlic and smells like garlic yet it is said to be more closely related to leeks. Methinks that may be just because somebody said so. Either way both leeks and garlic are in the same genus (Allium), as are onions, shallots, ramps etc.   I … More Elephant Garlic Soup

Sprouted Green Chickpea Nuggets & Salad With Sprouted Peanuts

It is easier to explain what they are not than what they are. They are not vada/vadai nor are they falafel, but they are somewhere in the vicinity. A couple days ago I started some green chickpeas sprouting with the intention of using them to make falafel.   I ground the sprouted chickpeas adding a little … More Sprouted Green Chickpea Nuggets & Salad With Sprouted Peanuts

Idli Dhokla

I love Dhokla. It’s soft. It’s spongy. It’s moist. It’s tangy. It has just a hint of sweetness. It is flavorful with spices and herbs. It can be as pungent or as mild as you please by devouring the green chilis whole, just nibbling on them or by setting them aside and avoiding them altogether. … More Idli Dhokla

Green Bean Salad

Green beans were on the menu for the holidays but languished forgotten in the refrigerator, never making it from refrigerator to pot to table. I used a few of them with mushrooms, eggs and bread in this morning’s individual breakfast casseroles. The rest of the green beans needed to be used pronto, so I put … More Green Bean Salad