Green Bean Salad

Green beans were on the menu for the holidays but languished forgotten in the refrigerator, never making it from refrigerator to pot to table. I used a few of them with mushrooms, eggs and bread in this morning’s individual breakfast casseroles. The rest of the green beans needed to be used pronto, so I put together a green bean salad for lunch.

green bean salad


Since most of the salad ingredients had been fermented in salt brine the beans were boiled without salt. When barely cooked they were rinsed in cold water. Ingredients added to the green beans were:

  • lacto-fermented cherry tomatoes (whole)
  • ferment pickled Brussels sprouts (cut into wedges)
  • lacto fermented cranberries (quartered)
  • ferment pickled garlic (minced)
  • ferment pickled red onions
  • pecans glazed with chili pepper syrup
  • miso sesame dressing
  • toasted black sesame seeds

green bean salad

green bean salad

green bean salad

green bean salad


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