Baked Tomatoes Stuffed With Rice Spinach & Brie

This dish exceeded all expectations and made for a most enjoyable meal. It began with cooking 1/2 cup converted rice with 1 1/3 cups water, kosher salt, crushed cumin seeds and a few drops of olive oil.

While the rice was cooking I blanched fresh spinach in just boiled water for several minutes, cooled it under cold running water, squeezed out most of the moisture and chopped it.

While the rice was cooking and the spinach was blanching I halved Roma tomatoes and scooped out the innards. The halved and hollowed tomatoes were placed on gratin dishes which had been smeared with a few drops of avocado oil.

stuffed tomatoes


The tomatoes slid around uncontrollably in the greased dishes. So, when the rice was cooked I spread a layer of rice for the tomato halves to sit on.

stuffed tomatoes


I also chopped the tomato innards and scattered the bits on top of the rice. This was to avoid waste and also to prevent the rice from drying out in the baking process. This was a good time to season with pink salt and black pepper.

stuffed tomatoes


The tomatoes now held their arranged positions.

stuffed tomatoes


The cooked rice was mixed with the chopped blanched spinach and seasoned with grated nutmeg.

stuffed tomatoes

stuffed tomatoes


The tomato halves were filled with the spinach and rice mixture and topped with thick slices of Brie.

Time was short, so the stuffed tomatoes were baked at 400ºF with convection fan.

stuffed tomatoes

stuffed tomatoes


Oh, yeah…

stuffed tomatoes



4 thoughts on “Baked Tomatoes Stuffed With Rice Spinach & Brie

  1. I usually get a pound wheel of Brie around this time of year, but haven’t done so yet. You’ve provided the impetus. ;-> Those little darlings look delicious! I could pop them all right into my mouth. “Saltimbocca” = literal translation.

    Virtual hugs,


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