Glassed Eggs – Update

Almost six months ago I started a glassed eggs project where two dozen farm eggs were preserved in lime water without refrigeration. I just used the last of them this morning.

glassed eggs


The eggs kept just fine. The only difference from fresh eggs is that they are runnier and the yolks tend to break and flow as soon as they hit the bottom of the bowl. For that reason glassed eggs are better suited for scrambling, omelets and baking rather than fried.

I can only guess why this method of preservation is called glassing. Maybe because a brittle glaze forms on the surface of the water and it shatters like glass when one reaches in to fetch the eggs.

water glassed eggs

glassed eggs


I used the last of the glassed eggs to make a basil, tomato and feta cheese frittata. It began stovetop and finished in the oven.

glassed eggs

glassed eggs

glassed eggs


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