Jicama Salad

All too often the jicama I run across are more than the two of us can consume. They can be larger than a grapefruit and as big as a cantaloupe. Jicama at every meal for a week is a bit much. As small as this one was I only used half for this salad.   … More Jicama Salad

Couldn’t Decide

There was leftover pizza sauce and leftover refried black beans. Should I use the pizza sauce to make pizza, or use the beans to make nachos? Using an ultra thin crust I did a little of both. The sauce was spread on the outer portion of the crust and the black beans in the middle. … More Couldn’t Decide

Potato Salad With Ferment-Pickled Brussels Sprouts – No Mayo

There are actually a couple other lactobacillus fermented items besides Brussels sprouts in this salad. The ingredients for this no mayo potato salad were: boiled red potatoes ferment-pickled Brussels sprouts ferment-pickled cucumber vinegar pickled ivy gourd / tindora ferment-pickled pearl onions red bell pepper dressing I didn’t salt the main ingredients because some of the … More Potato Salad With Ferment-Pickled Brussels Sprouts – No Mayo

Cold, Sweet & Hot — Vanilla Ice Cream, Caramelized Pears & Chili Glazed Pecans

To make room for recently purchased chili peppers I used the older ones to make a sweet/hot syrup. I have done this before using Turbinado sugar. This time I used Panela, an unrefined cane sugar which is essentially the same as jaggery of Southern Asia.     The types of chilis used were green and … More Cold, Sweet & Hot — Vanilla Ice Cream, Caramelized Pears & Chili Glazed Pecans


One would think that someone, such as myself, who has for years been making herbal tinctures, fermenting vegetables and fruits, making yogurt etc. would also be into making and consuming kombucha. Sure, I knew a little bit about it but hadn’t given it a second look when I saw it in the stores. Finally, last … More Kombucha

Gluten Strips

For breakfast this morning we tried a recently purchased commercial product marketed as a “Vegan Substitute For Pork Bacon.” It was a far cry from a similar product we actually like quite well, but it was okay. I figured I could create something at least as good. By lunch time I had come up with … More Gluten Strips

Black Bean Nacho Bites

This makes two indulgent meals in a row. Perhaps it balances out with the salad I had yesterday and the salad I better have tomorrow. Each taco bite had a dab of black beans (seasoned with chili powder, cumin and coriander), shredded cheese (Colby/Jack and Mexican melting cheese), sweet onions and pickled jalapeño.     … More Black Bean Nacho Bites