Oyster Mushrooms With Ramps, Green Peppercorns & Lo Mein Noodles

We paid a visit to the Super G Mart and, as usual, found some interesting items. I was thrilled to find these baby green mangos which are now on their way to becoming mango pickle. More on them in a later post.   We were browsing the olive section when another customer voluntarily recommended these … More Oyster Mushrooms With Ramps, Green Peppercorns & Lo Mein Noodles


Much of the food I prepare and eat is fit for a vegan diet, however I am not (a) vegan. There was a period of a few years when I lived in the wilderness that my diet was free of animal products. That was out of necessity because all supplies had to be transported by … More Frittata

Green Mango Sauce

Apples that weren’t hard, dry and woody were difficult to find in South India during the 1950s and 1960s. Americans living there at the time who missed having apple sauce commonly substituted with homemade guava sauce and/or green mango sauce. Sweetening the sourness of green/unripe mangoes required a fair amount of sugar. When I saw … More Green Mango Sauce

Green Anoles

A large family of green anoles used to spend their leisure time on the old satellite dish sunning themselves on cool days. There must have been ten or more. Never was sure if I counted them all.     It seems they like the new satellite dish as well.    

Upma Leftovers

Upma (uppama), a savory South Indian dish made with semolina (cream of wheat/sooji), was my favorite breakfast as a child and still is. I was a picky, light eater, but when it was upma for breakfast I had second and third helpings. There isn’t likely to be much leftover upma around here, but if there … More Upma Leftovers