Green Anoles

A large family of green anoles used to spend their leisure time on the old satellite dish sunning themselves on cool days. There must have been ten or more. Never was sure if I counted them all.


anoles 2




It seems they like the new satellite dish as well.





10 thoughts on “Green Anoles

  1. Love! I had one hanging out on the umbrella right over my barbecue vent the other day. I’m not sure if he was there for the smoke or the warmth. I love it when they do their little push-ups to let you know who’s boss. ;D We get both the brown and green ones down here in northern Texas. We get Mediterranean geckos, too, but they’re so much tinier.

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  2. Are these the same as the chameleons we had in Florida when I was a kid? They look the same. My son and his friends would catch them and put them in a sheet/lawn chair tent and they would cling to the sheeting. They would disappear one by one as they found openings. Son said that they could deliver a bit of a nip with the lip as they were being corralled into the makeshift enclosure.

    Virtual hugs,


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    1. Probably not the same as a true chameleon — the ones with the eyes at the tip of cones that seem to swivel in sockets in their head. They swivel in every direction, even look behind them without turning their head. The chameleons we had in India moved in slow motion.

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