No Vacancy At The SCOBY Hotel

I am a hoarder — a SCOBY hoarder. Since making my first batch of kombucha in mid March SCOBYs have been multiplying and their offspring have taken up residence at the SCOBY Hotel. There is now no more room at the hotel, and evictions will have to take place any day now. Perhaps I’ll put them up for adoption and someone will give them a good home. Here’s a reminder of what a cute SCOBY looks like.


I may have overdone it a bit by starting a new batch of kombucha every two or three days. Now we are deluged with kombucha. I filled a dozen bottles just this morning.

scoby hotel


There needs to be a break in production until we catch up on consumption. Every morning I immensely enjoy one glassful of kombucha. Any more is too much caffein for my wellbeing.



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