Spinach & Mushroom Tart

Spinach and mushrooms combine well as a filling for quesadillas, omelets, crepes etc. Today I used them in savory puff pastry tarts. The combined flavors of the vegetables don’t necessarily require the addition of herbs or spices, although fresh basil would work nicely. Onion, garlic, sweet red pepper, mushrooms and kosher salt, all at the … More Spinach & Mushroom Tart

Mulching & Munching

Finally got around to mulching the garden area. Eight bales of wheat straw and I’m still not quite done. The mulch will keep the mud off our feet, discourage weeds, and the weeds that do come up will be easier to pull. It is also hoped that mulching will prevent soil borne diseases from infecting … More Mulching & Munching

Vegetable Powders

Sometimes when there is an over abundance of vegetables coming out of the garden or a good price on produce at the market I have been known to dehydrate and grind them into powder for use in soups, gravies, casseroles etc. or even sprinkled over popcorn. They can add flavor, color and at least some … More Vegetable Powders


Last fall, as usual, I dug up all the turmeric and brought the rhizomes into the house for the winter. I loosely tied them in doubled up plastic shopping bags and wrapped that inside a garbage bag. They stayed that way all winter in a dark corner of the house. A couple days ago I … More Turmeric

Black “Butter”

Here I combined oil/salt cured olives and black garlic, both boldly flavored ingredients, to make an intensely flavored spread. Not as intense as Vegemite, but like Vegemite it is best spread thinly in small quantities. Oil/salt cured olives are salty with deep olive flavor. Black garlic is sweet in a savory kind of way with … More Black “Butter”

Asparagus & Penne Pasta with Black Garlic & Green Peppercorn Sauce

Asparagus spears poke through the soil only a few at a time every few days, so it take a week or three to accumulate enough to do anything with them of significance. There were less spears in the refrigerator than I thought so penne pasta made up the difference to fill out the dish.   … More Asparagus & Penne Pasta with Black Garlic & Green Peppercorn Sauce