Carpenter Bees

Several winters ago we got a fairly heavy snowfall for this part of the country. It didn’t occur to me to clear the snow off the roof of the gazebo. It was so pretty.



One afternoon we heard a tremendous roar and a crashing sound. The roof of one of the neighbor’s barns had caved in.



I looked out the window and saw that the gazebo and gone from this…


…to this.



The roof structure was completely ruined, and ever since I have pondered how to go about replacing it. I am a one trade person. I’m a mason and not a carpenter. I can’t drive a nail in straight to save my life.

All this time the metal wall structure has been rusting and deteriorating. It was time, now or never, to do something about it. Without the appropriate skills it’s been slow going, but going none the less.

Because it is a wood structure I’ve been concerned about carpenter bees wreaking havoc on my hard work. I had noticed them buzzing around scouting locations to dig their tunnels. Unchecked, they will destroy a building in a hurry. So, I made a carpenter bee trap. Within a few days of hanging the trap on the porch 14 of the destructive critters had been caught.

carpenter bees


Now, before getting upset about me killing bees, understand that these are not honeybees and they are not bumblebees. They do play a role with pollination in some cases and in other cases not. In an effort to get to the nectar of some flowers not only does pollination not take place but the flower is destroyed in the process.

A carpenter bee once drilled a hole in this shovel handle then made a 90º turn and proceeded to tunnel up the handle (until I stopped him).

carpenter bees


This afternoon I emptied the trap and moved it to the eave of the gazebo. No sooner had I hung it when a carpenter bee showed up and started drilling a mere 16 inches away!

carpenter bees

carpenter bees


Within a minute or two he had already gnawed quite a divot in the wood.

carpenter bees


You can see the wood chips falling away. As long as it is taking me to build this roof it could resemble Swiss cheese and be a pile of sawdust by the time it is finished.


5 thoughts on “Carpenter Bees

  1. We have the exact same problem! When we moved here we noticed these huge bees just hovering around our front steps. Every Spring and Summer. Every year. We finally just today found its hole/home and filled it. There was a pile of sawdust underneath and a few smears of bee poop(?) around the area. Hopefully that will stop the problem? But JEEZ your problem seems a LOT more intense! Those bees are quick to eat those holes out. Great thinking with the trap!

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