Black “Butter”

Here I combined oil/salt cured olives and black garlic, both boldly flavored ingredients, to make an intensely flavored spread. Not as intense as Vegemite, but like Vegemite it is best spread thinly in small quantities.

Oil/salt cured olives are salty with deep olive flavor.

Black garlic is sweet in a savory kind of way with a slight tartness. While the flavor is intense it doesn’t have the sharpness of fresh garlic nor does it leave a garlicky aftertaste or odor.

black butter

black butter


I would have liked it to have been a smoother purée but this probably wasn’t a large enough quantity to engage the blades of a blender.

black butter

black butter

black butter

black butter


10 thoughts on “Black “Butter”

  1. I seriously need to get my hands on this black garlic. That’s my problem with raw (or even cooked) garlic, it stings my mouth. Yuck and Ouch. I feel like the only way I like it is roasted like crazy that it turns into a paste and you can barely taste any garlic at all at that point. Did you find it on a supermarket shelf or am I going to have to Amazon this, lol.

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      1. Ooo! Thanks for the tip. I’m so siked to try this little secret ingredient, it really has my interest piqued.


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