Last fall, as usual, I dug up all the turmeric and brought the rhizomes into the house for the winter. I loosely tied them in doubled up plastic shopping bags and wrapped that inside a garbage bag. They stayed that way all winter in a dark corner of the house.

A couple days ago I was thinking that it was about time to replant the turmeric and so prepared a couple planting beds. Then yesterday I went to fetch last year’s turmeric harvest to replant and was surprised to see that all those plastic bags had opened up and new turmeric shoots two and three feet tall had pushed their way up and out.




Now, with all  the space taken up in three planting beds, there were a few rhizomes left, most of them the older, tougher mother rhizomes.




I debated whether to freeze the turmeric or preserve it in vinegar in the refrigerator. I decided to do a little of both and blended it into a purée with apple cider vinegar and a dash of sugar, then froze it in small portions. The preserved turmeric can be added to stir fries, curries, gravies etc.




5 thoughts on “Turmeric

  1. Wow, nature really has a way of doing what she wants regardless of our plans, lol. I kind of love that they all sprouted up almost violently, lol. So proud of themselves, standing up so tall like that.

    The only thing I use tumeric in is tofu scramble and I read that if you use too much it starts tasting like pickles. So I get nervous to use it more than just for color basically. Not that I don’t like pickles, I just don’t want my breakfast tasting like them.

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