Fruit Salad & Toasted Angel Food Cake

Cantaloupe, mango, peaches and cherries made up a fruit salad for lunch. I was debating whether to bake cornbread or toast some challah bread to go with it when an old memory came to mind.

When I was in high school my mom always kept angel food cake in the freezer for quick desserts on short notice. My brother and I discovered that chunks of frozen angel food cake impaled on a fork and roasted over the gas flame of the stove made a great after school snack. It was a daily practice until the angel food cake ran out.

The day inevitably came when we had unexpected company and, to throw together a spur of the moment dessert, my mom went to fetch the frozen angel food cake which wasn’t there. We all, including our guests, had a good laugh (chagrinned laughter on my part) when the truth reluctantly came out. The admonition regarding entering used up items on the shopping list never did completely sink in.

Toasting angel food cake alters the flavor to resemble toasted marshmallows. As with marshmallows, toasting can be done carefully with patience to achieve the perfect tinge of golden brown, or a more aggressive approach results in a singed effect and the flavor of marshmallow which has unintentionally erupted into flame. It’s been a lot of years, but I was never disappointed with a charred marshmallow.

I was a bit aggressive with the torch and ended up with the singed effect.


angelfood cake

angelfood cake


The guacamole, flavored with blended cilantro, jalapeño and white balsamic vinegar, was to balance the sweetness of the fruit and cake.

angelfood cake


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