Building A Sandwich

Despite cucumbers being on the menu daily we are not keeping up with production. I’ve already made a tiny batch of refrigerator pickles, and I foresee more pickling in the future.




The cucumber feature on today’s menu was in a sandwich.

Part of a loaf of Cuban bread (that’s what the bakery called it) was spread with avocado seasoned with a little salt and the last of the basil, chives and cilantro dressing I had made a week ago.

basil, cilantro & chives salad dressing



Other ingredients in the sandwich were: sweet onion, homegrown cucumbers, freshly picked lettuce, thinly sliced tomato, grey salt and black pepper.

A word to the foolish: When using the mandolin slicer use the guard and the food holder/pusher thing-a-ma-bob! It’s too tempting to get just one more slice without it!








I would have liked a layer of basil leaves, which I had harvested for the purpose, and a few pickled jalapeños but time ran out.




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