Wild Mushroom & Cheese Sandwich

My last post featured a sandwich which happened to be vegan. I am not a vegan but much of the food I prepare, for no particular reason, falls into that category. This sandwich is not one of those.

I noticed a few wild mushrooms growing in a planter which earlier this spring was home to an assortment of lettuces, arugula and spinach. I am not a mushroom expert. Even though I have devoted much time attempting to match the many varieties which pop up around the house with the examples listed in mushroom guide books there have been only a handful, including this one, I have positively identified and eaten with confidence.





These mushrooms were extremely fragile, and by the time they were cleaned up they were broken in pieces.



The wild mushrooms were sautéed along with a couple store-bought mushrooms, chopped onions and kosher salt.




I spread both halves of a brioche bun with mayonnaise and sandwiched the sautéed the mushrooms between slices of Gouda and Muenster cheese.



It was a simple but tasty sandwich.



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