Peach Chutney

It was time to do something with the last two peaches in the refrigerator. I set about making something, I wasn’t sure what, that was both sweet and savory. I blanched the peaches, peeled them and tossed them with white wine vinegar to discourage oxidation.

It started out with sautéing onion, garlic, a Serrano, a green Wa Mae Wo chili pepper and a red Wa Mae Wo. A dozen cardamom seeds, a couple of cloves and coarse salt, crushed with mortar and pestle, were also in the pan.


peach chutney


After a few minutes I added ginger paste and a sprinkling of Demerara sugar to help with caramelization.

peach chutney


Then I added the peaches and sprinkled them with Demerara sugar. I didn’t mix them in for the first five to ten minutes, but swirled the pan occasionally leaving the onions and peppers on the bottom to continue caramelizing.

peach chutney


After stirring in the peaches and having a taste I added a pinch of ground cardamom, a pinch of ground cloves and a dash of black salt to increase the flavors. Cooking continued until much of the liquid had dissipated and that which remained had thickened.

peach chutney

peach chutney


I tend to favor the more pungent savory chutneys but the milder sweet ones are good sometimes too. This chutney has a fair, but tolerable, amount of heat and the aromatic spices give it a pleasant flavor. It is best served warm.

peach chutney


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