Avocado Salad Boats

For a tasty satisfying lunch I hollowed out two halves of a brown steakhouse bread loaf and used them as boats to hold an avocado salad.   I roughly chopped the avocados for the salad and mashed some of it with homemade honey mustard dressing for a spread.   The insides of the buns were … More Avocado Salad Boats

Surplus Cucumbers

  We love these mini cucumbers. One of them is the perfect amount for a serving. We had already eaten several from this package but, knowing how quickly they can spoil, I needed to somehow extended their time of usefulness. Pickling is the best known and almost the only way to preserve cucumbers. They do … More Surplus Cucumbers

Avocado Salad

The rock hard light green avocados I bought turned black and soft overnight, all five of them ripening at the same time. That pushed avocados to the top of the menu. I pan roasted a bit of leftover corn along with pickled garlic, onion, nopalitos and Serrano  chiles. I love how easy it is to … More Avocado Salad

Two Soups

The plan was to make poblano pepper soup for our second meal of the day. In preparation for that this morning I charred and peeled several chili peppers using a torch. As the skin chars it makes a crackling and popping sound and sometimes even shoots sparks. After the charred peppers rest a few minutes … More Two Soups

Look! No Cheese!

Believe it or not, as much as I love cheese, I frequently elect not to use it in dishes where it would typically serve wonderfully. Most of the time it is not even missed, although if it was there a cheese lover’s eyes would light up. Lunch today was refried black beans served in a … More Look! No Cheese!