Onion, Mushrooms & Nopalitos Galette With Blue Cheese

I really stepped outside my comfort zone. I am in no way a pastry maker. Most of my few attempts at anything resembling a pastry involved store-bought pre-made pastry dough. Today I made my own dough with whole wheat pastry flour (and real butter), but this post is more about the filling. I sautéed sliced … More Onion, Mushrooms & Nopalitos Galette With Blue Cheese

Marsala Mushrooms & Blue Cheese Quesadilla

It may not be typical breakfast fare for most people, but we enjoyed mushroom quesadillas for breakfast this morning. It started by cooking sliced mushrooms in a dry skillet. I used baby portobellos and a few shiitake mushrooms. I let the mushrooms cook, stirring occasionally, until they stopped sweating out liquid and the liquid was drying … More Marsala Mushrooms & Blue Cheese Quesadilla