Serrano Chile Bread

Be advised not to mistake this post as instructional. It is merely an account of my small adventure. I am a novice at baking bread, and although most of my attempts have been acceptably successful I still find the process a bit intimidating. I guess that’s why I don’t bake bread very often, and why … More Serrano Chile Bread

Curry Leaf Bread

I don’t usually eat much if anything for supper. If I do it is just a few nuts early in the evening. Well, last night Faye made this fabulous Curry Leaf Bread by Monica Bhide of Modern Spice. I won’t publish the recipe she used here but you can find it at the above link. … More Curry Leaf Bread

Mini Bread Loaves

It was time to bake bread again today. Instead of warm water I used warmed up buttermilk to make the dough for this mostly whole wheat bread. I used some of the dough for pizza crust so instead of using a regular size loaf pan I made a couple mini loaves.    

Bread Day

Today was bread baking day again. We don’t eat a lot of bread but we like to have it on hand for the occasions we want a sandwich or toast to go with breakfast.   If there is bread leftover from the last bake I slice the bread and cut the slices into small cubes … More Bread Day