Breakfast Dogs

Our plan for today was to drive down to South Carolina and scout out a future kayaking location on the Lynches River. This called for a breakfast that didn’t require a lot of thought. Hoagie buns and meatless Big Franks® wouldn’t normally catch one’s attention whilst searching the refrigerator for breakfast options, but when huddled … More Breakfast Dogs

Yellow Squash Nests

With so much squash coming out of the garden these days I’m always on the lookout for alternative ways to prepare it. I’ve had this spiralizer device for years but have only used it once or twice. This morning I got it out and rinsed the dust off.   I arranged the strands of squash … More Yellow Squash Nests

Summer Squash Upma

Speaking of the abundance of yellow summer squash accumulating in the refrigerator, Faye stated that she intended to make a squash quiche the following day, but no, she didn’t want to do it for breakfast. So, then, what did she request for breakfast? Upma. Upma is a dish which frequently appears on our breakfast table. … More Summer Squash Upma

Corn Crepes With Scrambled Eggs & Spicy Cilantro Sauce

Yesterday I made corn crêpes using finely ground cornmeal. We enjoyed them with black bean chili, and the extras we ate drizzled with honey. They tasted just like cornbread. I made corn crêpes again this morning and used them to make scrambled egg enchiladas with cilantro sauce. This time I used masa harina instead of … More Corn Crepes With Scrambled Eggs & Spicy Cilantro Sauce