Hatch Chile Sandwich

I have been neglectful posting on the blog of late. It hasn’t been for lack of worthy subject matter, but rather, due to laziness and distraction with other interests. A parcel containing 5 pounds of fresh Hatch, New Mexico chiles was delivered to our porch today. Faye had ordered them early in the spring. We … More Hatch Chile Sandwich

Cheesy Spinach Jalapeño Bombs

Ever since I saw Sandhya’s Jalapeño-Poppah-Aappah (https://indfused.com/2015/08/07/japalpeno-poppah-aappah/) I was determined to try them. Sandhya at https://indfused.com creates brilliant original recipes and has a knack for coming up with quicker, easier and healthier versions of traditional dishes. I didn’t duplicate Sandhya’s recipe exactly but hers was the inspiration for my endeavor. It seems that many of the South … More Cheesy Spinach Jalapeño Bombs

When Hunger Strikes (not to be confused with a “hunger strike”)

When I haven’t eaten in a long time and suddenly realize that I am ravenously hungry I am likely to indulge my more decadent cravings without totally abandoning a healthy diet. This was such a day. After a super light breakfast consisting of a mint lassi, my entire morning was eaten up with a trip … More When Hunger Strikes (not to be confused with a “hunger strike”)

Hot (Cheesy) Dawg!

I don’t do well eating sandwiches. The effort sooner or later ends up a disaster. Sometimes I lose control and the whole thing falls apart on the very first bite. Might as well get out the knife and fork at the outset. Sometimes food is all about the pleasure. Meal after meal of healthful eating … More Hot (Cheesy) Dawg!