When Hunger Strikes (not to be confused with a “hunger strike”)

When I haven’t eaten in a long time and suddenly realize that I am ravenously hungry I am likely to indulge my more decadent cravings without totally abandoning a healthy diet. This was such a day. After a super light breakfast consisting of a mint lassi, my entire morning was eaten up with a trip … More When Hunger Strikes (not to be confused with a “hunger strike”)

Hot (Cheesy) Dawg!

I don’t do well eating sandwiches. The effort sooner or later ends up a disaster. Sometimes I lose control and the whole thing falls apart on the very first bite. Might as well get out the knife and fork at the outset. Sometimes food is all about the pleasure. Meal after meal of healthful eating … More Hot (Cheesy) Dawg!

Breakfast Hoagie

I figured it was time we enjoyed some of that buffalo cheese we got at the Fading D  Farm over a week ago. The cheeses made at Fading D Farm are made to resemble various Italian cheeses, but since cheeses are often named after the local where they are produced Fading D must come up … More Breakfast Hoagie