Corn Crepes With Scrambled Eggs & Spicy Cilantro Sauce

Yesterday I made corn crêpes using finely ground cornmeal. We enjoyed them with black bean chili, and the extras we ate drizzled with honey. They tasted just like cornbread. I made corn crêpes again this morning and used them to make scrambled egg enchiladas with cilantro sauce. This time I used masa harina instead of … More Corn Crepes With Scrambled Eggs & Spicy Cilantro Sauce

Herbal Salts

That the seasons are changing is becoming more and more evident. The predicted temperature for tomorrow is 22ºF cooler than what we experienced yesterday. The basil plants are flowering in their determined effort to go to seed and reproduce. The final harvest of this year’s tender herbs and vegetables is at hand. First frost in … More Herbal Salts

Huevos Buenos

I think I have found my new favorite breakfast egg dish. It was made in the Cuisinart®  Oven Central® but could have been made in a skillet with a lid. I sautéed whole cumin seeds, red onions and jalapeño peppers with a little olive oil using bottom heat only (350ºF). I then added fresh spinach … More Huevos Buenos

Probiotic Salsa

  We love salsa! Salsa has the important role of creating a first impression on a first visit to a new Mexican restaurant. It is one of several elements which combine to form our opinions of the establishment (the margaritas are another important criteria). Cilantro is an ingredient I like to see in a salsa. I have … More Probiotic Salsa