Indian Style (sort of) Cranberry Pickle

Indian style pickle (achar) has little in common with pickles found in American supermarkets and pantries. Indian pickle is a pungently seasoned condiment preserved with salt and oil. It is, essentially, a product of fermentation, with salt permitting desirable bacteria to thrive while preventing the growth of harmful bacteria. Oil provides the anaerobic environment necessary … More Indian Style (sort of) Cranberry Pickle

Mixed Herb Sauce

Recent rains have the herbs in the garden looking pretty good right now. Some of them will die back when the really cold weather gets here but others, like parsley, flourish in winter. While there are still so many choices I decided to put together an herb sauce. I picked a bunch of parsley, some … More Mixed Herb Sauce

Muscadine Jam

Muscadines are one of the few grape varieties that thrive in the summer heat of the Southern United States, both in the wilds and backyard arbors. A week or so ago I purchased some from the farm stand just down the road.   The thick skinned grapes are most often used for making wine or … More Muscadine Jam

Mango Pickle

I have been a lover of mango pickle ever since my Indian roommates at boarding school in India shared their homemade mango pickle with me. When I spotted these green (unripe) mangoes in the market my first thought was mango pickle.   The one time I made mango pickle a couple years ago I did … More Mango Pickle

Falafel With Jalapeño, Cilantro & Lime Dressing

Raw cashews which have been soaked for a few hours can be blended with various other ingredients to make a variety of delicious creamy sauces, condiments, dips and dressings. Nutritional yeast is an ingredient commonly blended with cashews to make a sauce which some perceive to have a cheesy flavor. Delicious as such sauces indeed … More Falafel With Jalapeño, Cilantro & Lime Dressing