Mulching & Munching

Finally got around to mulching the garden area. Eight bales of wheat straw and I’m still not quite done. The mulch will keep the mud off our feet, discourage weeds, and the weeds that do come up will be easier to pull. It is also hoped that mulching will prevent soil borne diseases from infecting … More Mulching & Munching


I fired up the charcoal grill yesterday. For veggies there was cabbage and yellow squash from the garden, sweet onion, fennel, celery and garlic. These were cooked in vented foil with butter, salt and pepper, 12 ounces of beer and a few sprigs of fresh French tarragon. The veggies were one of the first items … More Cookout

Persistent Wrens

Several weeks ago I noticed a wren gathering up moss, and I watched it fly with it over to the barbecue grill. It then went through a vent space in the barbecue lid. It was obviously building a nest in there. With grilling season at hand I sure didn’t want the wrens tying up the … More Persistent Wrens