We love artichokes but don’t have them very often because they’re usually quite pricey for the quality. When we see artichokes as good looking as these we buy them without even considering the price. The stems were thick, the petals were nice and tight yet the artichokes gave a nice squeak when squeezed. I see … More Artichokes

Black Chickpea Hummus

Earlier this week I acquired a small 3 liter pressure cooker. I had no previous experience using a pressure cooker other than my large pressure canner, but that is an entirely different animal. The pressure canner maintains an even pressure with the weight rocking gently making a rhythmic sound resembling a steam engine. I had … More Black Chickpea Hummus

Nachos & Guacamole

Found some very small but mature tomatillos in the garden. A couple avocados needed to be eaten, and there were also a couple of sweet red peppers from the garden, so I decided to make guacamole. I put the tomatillos, peppers and a radish in a small food processor and gave them a coarse grind. … More Nachos & Guacamole