It’s not very often I see cherimoya in the store so I snatched these up. They are also known as ox heart. I found them a little disappointing. Not as tasty as I remember them in India.  

Ripe Jackfruit

Had to make a trip into Charlotte today and on the way back home I stopped at the Super G Mart, which is a large international grocery store. They always have interesting fruits and vegetables in the produce section. Today it was the ripe Jackfruit that caught my eye and  olfactories. When I was growing … More Ripe Jackfruit


Yesterday we went to the Super G Mart in Charlotte, NC. It is a large international food store. Their produce department has an incredibly large selection of exotic fruits and vegetables. We saw everything from mangosteens, lychees, jackfruit, exotic mushrooms to whole frozen durian. We left the store with a durian from Thailand, a papaya … More Durian