Garden Salad

Today we enjoyed the first salad of the year made mostly of things growing in the garden. As I often do, I just washed the vegetables and laid them out on the counter for each person to tear into bite sized pieces and assemble their own salad. Ingredients from the garden were: parsley spinach tender … More Garden Salad

Turmeric Harvest

I’m not expecting any deep freezes in the next week or so but I went ahead and harvested all the turmeric and brought it in for the winter.   I disturbed this little guy’s hibernation in the soil.   I will store the turmeric rhizomes with the soil still clinging to the roots wrapped in … More Turmeric Harvest

Garden Salad

I was cleaning out a few garden beds where plants had either been harvested or gone to seed and ran across these two Alpine King radishes. As old as I knew them to be I expected them to be woody or pithy, but they were tender and just right. I included one of them in … More Garden Salad

Second Day Of Spring

Finally got my string trimmer back from the mechanic so I was knocking down some weeds and tall grass around the garden and noticed that a small *copperhead snake had become an inadvertent casualty. Copperheads are venomous and have an ornery disposition so I would have dispatched the little bugger anyway because it was in … More Second Day Of Spring

Gardening Friends & Foes – Battle Lines Are Being Drawn

Slowly but surely progress is being made cleaning up and prepping the planting beds. Even though daytime temperatures exceed 80ºF (26C) some days I have only planted a few cold hardy plants because spring is a few weeks away and night time temperatures can still dip down to freezing. Most gardeners in these parts won’t … More Gardening Friends & Foes – Battle Lines Are Being Drawn

Spring & Renewed Prospects Of A Vegetable Garden

Spring is a month away but most days it feels like spring already. I am loving it! Some days the temperature reaches almost 80ºF (26ºC). The green anole lizards have been coming out of hibernation to warm themselves in the sunshine on the satellite dish. Last year I counted almost ten lizards congregated on the … More Spring & Renewed Prospects Of A Vegetable Garden