Of Birds & Squirrels

This is the third year in a row the wrens have attempted to nest in my barbecue just when cookout season begins. The last two years I physically relocated the nests onto the porch. They accepted the new location and continued raising their families. This year they hadn’t gotten very far along so I simply … More Of Birds & Squirrels

Second Day Of Spring

Finally got my string trimmer back from the mechanic so I was knocking down some weeds and tall grass around the garden and noticed that a small *copperhead snake had become an inadvertent casualty. Copperheads are venomous and have an ornery disposition so I would have dispatched the little bugger anyway because it was in … More Second Day Of Spring

Gardening Friends & Foes – Battle Lines Are Being Drawn

Slowly but surely progress is being made cleaning up and prepping the planting beds. Even though daytime temperatures exceed 80ºF (26C) some days I have only planted a few cold hardy plants because spring is a few weeks away and night time temperatures can still dip down to freezing. Most gardeners in these parts won’t … More Gardening Friends & Foes – Battle Lines Are Being Drawn