Stuffed Peppers: Green Beans/Wild Rice/Black Walnuts…

This was part of an ongoing effort to not let green beans from the garden go to waste, yet one would hardly notice the presence of green beans in the dish. The green beans were cut small, steamed, then cooled under cold running water.   Meanwhile wild rice and converted rice were being cooked. The … More Stuffed Peppers: Green Beans/Wild Rice/Black Walnuts…

Green Bean Foogath

The few beans I planted are producing steadily and need to be harvested every other day for another meal’s worth of tender pods. We are lovers of variety, so green beans are accumulating in the refrigerator faster than we are eating them. One of my favorite ways to prepare green beans is a foogath (fugath), … More Green Bean Foogath

Green Bean Salad

Green beans were on the menu for the holidays but languished forgotten in the refrigerator, never making it from refrigerator to pot to table. I used a few of them with mushrooms, eggs and bread in this morning’s individual breakfast casseroles. The rest of the green beans needed to be used pronto, so I put … More Green Bean Salad

Rice, Green Beans, Mushrooms & Caramelized Pearl Onions, Black Walnuts & Peppers

I got hold of some fresh looking green beans and wanted to use them in conjunction with pearl onions and black walnuts. I built on the idea throughout the morning, prepping the ingredients at odd moments between other activities as they occurred to me.   Black walnuts have a strong flavor which I thought might … More Rice, Green Beans, Mushrooms & Caramelized Pearl Onions, Black Walnuts & Peppers

Yard-Long Beans

Bean vines in the garden are only just now beginning to produce, and today I brought in a small handful. This year I am growing yard-long beans as well as a couple other varieties. Although yard-long beans (also known as asparagus beans) will grow very long they are best eaten at 6 to 12 inches. … More Yard-Long Beans