Mixed Herb Sauce

Recent rains have the herbs in the garden looking pretty good right now. Some of them will die back when the really cold weather gets here but others, like parsley, flourish in winter. While there are still so many choices I decided to put together an herb sauce. I picked a bunch of parsley, some … More Mixed Herb Sauce

Herb Week

This week I’ve been harvesting and preserving herbs. The basil and oregano were going to seed and the rosemary, French tarragon and parsley were overgrown and crowding each other. The basil I blended to a purée with olive oil, white wine vinegar, honey and salt. The purée was spooned into ice cube trays and frozen. … More Herb Week

Herbal Salts

That the seasons are changing is becoming more and more evident. The predicted temperature for tomorrow is 22ºF cooler than what we experienced yesterday. The basil plants are flowering in their determined effort to go to seed and reproduce. The final harvest of this year’s tender herbs and vegetables is at hand. First frost in … More Herbal Salts

Basil Salt

The basil plants have been looking mighty fine lately. I have been trying to make regular use of them and keep them pinched back so they won’t get in too big a hurry to flower and go to seed. I’ve made a few different pestos this year, most of which I froze, and I wanted … More Basil Salt

Powdered Stinging Nettle

I’m sure you are familiar with the popular trend of using matcha for beverages and in food preparation. By using the word “trend” I am deliberately avoiding terms like “fad” or “craze.” I’m not being judgmental here. It’s popularity can probably be attributed to claims of matcha’s health benefits and the visual appeal its brilliant … More Powdered Stinging Nettle